Warning: Selfies can be dangerous


The smiling tourist with a lion who fiercely observes him behind an electrified fence in the background is no longer a good selfie if the protagonist does not try to take the photo embraced the animal.

This seems to be the new code of so-called extreme tourism which without a very dangerous photograph, does not seem to mean anything.

The bold photographers of himself are achieving incredible marks.

On the Internet you can find the best pics that could be described as extreme selfies. One of the images was taken by the pilot of a Norwegian F-16 fighter during an exercise in northern Norway. The man seems to forget the controls of the expensive combat aircraft to smile at his own camera.

Somebody took a dangerous selfie while diving with sharks at Aliwal Shoal in South Africa. In another similar photo but somewhere in the Caribbean a swimmer smiles while behind him not to far a shark also smiles with his saw teeth with other intentions than those of posing.

Another very bold selfie shows a young man trying to get the perfect hot image in Benbow Volcano, Ambrym Island. Experts in the tourist industry (and some psychiatrists) think that this kind of selfies are include in the so-called extreme tourism.

Extreme tourism is a niche in the tourism industry involving travel to dangerous places like mountains, jungles, deserts, caves, canyons, etc. or participation in dangerous events. Extreme tourism overlaps with extreme sport. The two share the main attraction, “adrenaline rush” caused by an element of risk, and differing mostly in the degree of engagement and professionalism.

Some of the extreme tourism famous attractions are Chernobyl Tours in Ukraine, Swimming in the Devil’s Pool in Victoria Falls an the so called Death Road Tour in Bolivia. The extreme selfies seem a complement for the audacious tourists who later show their pics in gatherings of friends, if they survive.

The modality had a fantastic year in 2016, when the riskiest selfies in the world were recognized. Some intrepid travelers went to great lengths to capture stunning images of themselves against dramatic backdrops, scaling heights and positioning themselves in places that are not for the faint-hearted.

In one of the pics a tourist took a selfie in front of the living lava lake in the crater of Erta Ale volcano, the most active volcano in Ethiopia, in other are people smiling during the taking of selfies while hanging out of planes and helicopters in Barcelona, Spain.

And intrepid competitors jumped from great heights wearing a wingsuit and thrill-seekers climbed to the top of buildings worldwide to explore them, often in defiance of security rules.

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