A Turkish Coffee in Sarajevo

By Miguel Lozano/TurismoPlus.ORG

When arriving in Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia Herzegovina, one of the first surprises I received was that some of its inhabitants have a different version of the the beginning of the First World War.

It is accepted that the murder in Sarajevo of Franz Ferdinand, archduke of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, was the spark that started the First World War.

Gabrilo Princip, the man who killed Franz Ferninand is generally considered a terrorist.

But here many of its inhabitants of Serbian origin consider him a hero and even the tourist can visit a statue of Princip in a city park.

There are really two particular places to visit linked to this fact: the statue inaugurated in 2014 and the place where Princip stopped to kill Franz Ferdinand.

“Princip’s shot was a shot for freedom,” said local politician Nebojsa Radmanovic when the two-meter tall bronze monument was inaugurated.

Those who believe that Princip is a patriot consider that the assassination of June 28, 1914 was motivated by opposition to the annexation of Bosnia to the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

The other place to visit is a brand in the place where Princip stopped to shoot the archduke, a place frequented by tourists who often take photographs with an imaginary pistol in their hands.

But beyond history, Sarajevo is a good place to go and enjoy its multi-ethnic profile.

In the 90s of the last century the city was on the verge of its disappearance during the war that followed the disintegration of Yugoslavia.

But today, it is a pleasure to visit its historic center, admire its buildings influenced by Ottoman, Yugoslav and Austro-Hungarian architecture and enjoy a Turkish coffee, heritage of Ottoman rule.

Sarajevo has a turbulent past, but today it is a magical destination that the visitor will most likely want to return to.

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