Tourists prefer teleportation


A good part of around 6,000 clients of the tourist industry in countries like Canada, France, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States see the future of the sector excited, but apprehensive and untrusting of the future ways of travelling.

The results of a survey to 6,008 consumers commissioned by Travelzoo, a global publisher of exclusive offers and experiences for members, in partnership with ITB Berlin show that consumers are far more cautious in their expectations about some extraordinary products of technological advances.

Only one in five (20%) believe that those kind of advances will become the norm by 2030. Indeed, such is the scepticism, that a significantly higher percentage (38%) state they’d prefer to risk teleportation, a technology that doesn’t even exist yet, to get to or from their holiday.

The survey asked tue consumers about how they expect to travel in the future. Self-driving cars on ‘smart highways’ are the first option of 51% of the consumers interviewed. This was followed by aircraft powered by alternative fuels (36%), and hyperloops (31%).

Hyperloop is the commercial name registered by the aerospace transport company SpaceX, for the transport of passengers and goods in vacuum tubes at high speed. both of which are already being developed by a variety of established brands and start-ups.

Less than a third (28%) expect to see the return of supersonic flights in the next 12 years – this is despite Concorde proving the technology works, and claims from manufacturers like Boom Supersonic that flights will begin by 2022.

Travellers are strongly aligned on the benefits of such new technologies, with nearly three quarters (74%) agreeing that the expected reduction in emissions, congestion and reliance on traditional fuel sources will improve the environment. Many also highlight anticipated faster travel times (88%) and reducing the stress of travel (63%) as benefits.

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