Good tourism news for your pockets only


The London newspaper Daily Mail estimated that the holiday destinations offering Brits the best value for money in 2018 are Argentina and Brazil where the pound goes furthest.

A research from Currency exchange experts FairFX published by The Mail has revealed that sterling goes a staggering 196 per cent further in Argentina that it did compared to five years ago.

FairFX says that 2018 could be the perfect time to snap up Argentine pesos and head to the country to visit the stunning waterfalls and glaciers as Brit travellers will get £662.24 more for £1,000 exchanged than they did in 2012.

Brazil, with those heading for a view of Christ the Redeemer seeing their pound going 31 per cent further than in 2012.

However, The Post Office’s Worldwide Holiday Costs Barometer, released every January, report taht the cheapest holiday destination for 2018 is Bulgaria.

The Bulgaria  classification was the result of comparing prices in 42 destinations, for typical travel purchases such as drinks in local bars and restaurant meals.

The Bulgarian total cost of the items came to just under  on average, in the Bulgarian summer favourite,  than its nearest rival, Tokyo.

Forbes, in its own analysis, discovered that from Senegal to China to Mexico, this year’s 2018 list of budget travel destinations is better than ever before.

Forbes mentioned as good destinations in relation to the personal economy and for various reasons Montreal, Canada, Xian  China, San Miguel de Allende Mexico and Curacao in the Caribbean

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