Rihanna gives name to a street


Westbury New Road in  Saint Michael, Barbados,  hometown of Rihanna could become a main tourist attraction of the island after changing its name to the  pop superstar.

Speaking in Parliament the barbadian minister of Tourism Richard Sealy gave to Wetsbury New Road the new name.. The road “is now known as Rihanna Drive and the residents are going to start to benefit”  said Sealy, according to Barbadian press.

“In this cruise season we have estimates of up to 1,000 people passing through Rihanna Drive”, the minister added.

Robyn Rihanna Fenty  born in Saint Michael, Barbados and raised in Bridgetown, capital city. of the island.

Rihanna was discovered in her home country in 2004 by American record producer Evan Rogers.

In december 2016  back in her native island, the singer and actress shook hands and chatted with Prince Harry. They joined in Barbados to celebrate the 50th anniversary of independence from Great Britain.

The duo’s meeting took place at the country’s Toast to the Nation ceremony celebrating national achievements.

In August 2017  the  pop superstar shone brightly at Barbados’s Crop Over Festival one of her favorite events of the year.

The Festival is one of the biggest events in Barbados and marks the end of a successful sugar cane harvest.

Another occasion in which the Barbadian actress made front page was when she visited Havana in 2015.

Was a unscheduled visit. She arrived on a private flight and went out into the capital incognito.

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