High profits expected for Brazilian Carnival


After serious financial worries experts predict high profits of the ever-lavish brazilians carnivals, specially in Rio de Janeiro

More than 10.6 million national tourists and some 400,000 international tourists are expected  in Brasil at the annual celebration nex February.

According to an estimate by the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism that number of participants will be 0.75% higher than in 2017.

Only Rio de Janeiro will receive for that reason from 9 to 13 February  1.5 million tourists who will spend about one thousand 100 million dollars in those few days

Although the carnivals of Rio are by far the main celebrations of that class in Brazil, and one of the first in the world, they are also celebrated with lavishness in other cities of the South American country, as Salvador de Bahía,  Olinda, Florianópolis and Ouro Preto.

However in Brazil only the Carnival of Rio  de Janeiro has a great worldwide reputation.

The first Rio Carnival ball was held in 1840 with participants dancing the polka and waltz, in contrast to the samba which was introduced in 1917.

That very popular celebration still has a strong African influence.

In times of slavery in Brazil, the Africans used masks and costumes made of feathers, bones, grass, stones, and other elements in an attempt to invoke the gods and ward off evil spirits.

The Sambodromo, projected by the architect Oscar Niemeyer,has played host to the Samba Parade since 1984.

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