Medical tourism in steady growth in Mexico


The Mexican tourism industry is currently offering to potencial patients abroad an unrivaled global health tourism strategic location, reachable by plenty of direct flights from the United States, Canada and some European countries, according to a report of Travel Daily News Daily travel & tourism news portal for the international travel trade market in London.

The article cited the work of centers of excellence as ALO Bariatrics that “raise the bar in order to achieve the highest levels of quality industry wide, offer patients ease of access to main medical tourism destinations, provide special attention from highly trained staff and lower costs; are some of the factors for Mexico’s assertion as North America’s medical tourism powerhouse”.

Travel Daily News wrote that millions of post bariatric surgery patients around the world have successfully improved their overall health, turned their life around and kept the weight off.

“Nevertheless, for many bariatric candidates in the United States, Canada and many countries in Europe, surgery comes at such a high price tag that traveling to Mexico for bariatric surgery has become a high quality, price conscious, accessible alternative”, the website added

ALO Bariatrics started operations in 2008 in three locations: Tijuana, Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta. Today Provide bariatric candidates, comprehensive and seamless access to world class health care in certified hospitals; at a fraction of the price than in the United States and Canada.

Over 1.5 million Americans travel abroad every year for medical care including major surgeries.

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