Masive tourism in the Royal Wedding


More than 100 thousand tourists were in London to witness somehow the royal wedding, according to estimates of the British capital press.

The figure has been calculated from the number of people staying at hotels and other places in the city. And also the crowd that gathered around Windsor Castle during the wedding.

Windsor is a major tourist draw all year around, and many of those visiting this week planned their trips months before the wedding was announced.

Some tourists clarified that they were not in the city because of the wedding. It was the case of Martin Kirchner, a 48-year-old engineer from Germany, that was interviewed by an international press agency. “It doesn’t interest me, we’re just here on holiday,” said Kirchner.

On the contrary, the Brazilian Consuelo Almeida, was very excited. “It’s different for us, we don’t have a queen or anything like that. And Meghan is a real person — it gives a sense that it could be anybody,” she said.

Some British experts said that he royal wedding itself is not generated any significant impact on flows, but the media coverage played an important role in the brand building of the UK as a visitor destination.

The EuroMonitor Blog wrote that the media broadcasting promoted Britain as a tourist destination and advertise the country’s culture and heritage to viewers worldwide. Therefore, the expected “Meghan & Harry effect” will be felt from 2019 onwards, it is the forecast of the blog.

“Having reviewed arrivals from the US over the past 10 years, it’s inconclusive if the 2011 royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton and the 2012 Olympic Games generated in themselves an increase in the number of visitors from the US.

However, since 2014 the arrivals trend from the US has been steadily upwards and will undoubtedly have resulted in the positive image of the UK generated by these events” EuroMonitor International added.

The analysis explained that the Royal family is a major driver of UK tourism, especially to sites associated with them. The official tourism website of Great Britain, Visit Britain, has a section on their website that is “dedicated to Royal Britain”.

The Royal Borough of Windsor promoted the wedding on its tourism website but in a more practical nature. The site is sharing tips for planning your day, transport options, visitor guide and a list of hotels to stay at.

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