Latam Airlines will start direct flights to Israel


Latin American first flight to Israel will start on December 12 with a three-times-a-week flight connecting Santiago de Chile to Tel Aviv via Sao Paulo.

Tourist entries from Brazil to Israel rose 90.66% in January-February 2018, compared with the corresponding period in 2016, and 9.33%, compared with the corresponding period in 2017.

LATAM Airlines will operate the direct flights. The company will renew activity on this route after El Al closed down its activity on it years ago.

LATAM will become the only airline operating a direct route between Latin America and Israel.

LATAM was founded in 2012 from a merger between two veteran Latin American airlines: Chilean airline LAN, founded in 1929, and Brazilian airline TAM, founded in 1976.

The company operates many flights from Latin America to destinations in North America, Europe, Australia, East Asia, and South Africa.

An incoming tourism survey conducted by the Ministry of Tourism in mid-2017 shows that Brazilian tourists visiting Israel spend an average of 10 nights in the country and spend an average of $1,918 during their visit, according to a survey.

About 44,000 tourists from Brazil visited Israel in 2015, 34,100 in 2016, and 54,800 in 2017. Latam will fly from Sao Paulo to Tel Aviv in 11 hours.

El Al ended the only direct flight from the region to Israel several years ago and then passengers faced stops in Europe or Africa that increased the total travel time to at least 18 hours.


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