Ireland prefers French tourists. Also Chinese


Ireland has recognized its preference for French tourists and has filled Paris with promotions of its best offers but has not forgotten other good customers like the Chinese who do not like to save on vacations.

Promovacances, a leading French travel group has teamed up with Ireland Tourism a in a new campaign to grow visitor numbers from France this summer.

The campaign includes hundreds of poster ads for Ireland in metro stations around Paris.

According to Promovacances the campaign also includes online ads and email marketing, directing clients to a dedicated Ireland section on the Promovacances website.

Ireland posters are on display in the windows of over 60 Promovacances travel agencies across France, with Tourism Ireland’s ‘L’été en Irlande’ (‘Summer in Ireland’) video playing in store.

Monica MacLaverty, Tourism Ireland’s Manager for Southern Europe said to journalists that 2017 was a record year for Irish tourism from France, “when we welcomed almost 550,000 French visitors”.

MacLaverty added that Tourism Ireland is determined to ensure that success continues with an extensive programme of promotions under way in France again throughout 2018.

By adding the French to your list of favorites, Tourism Ireland does not forget other tourists from the world who often visit the green European country, especially the Chinese.

Last May Ireland launched a mission to increase Chinese visitors by 150% formed by representatives from 29 Irish enterprises in an effort to boost the number of Chinese visitors.

Tourism Ireland aims to attract 175,000 tourists from China by 2025, which would be an 150% increase on 2017’s figures.

In 2018 the first direct flights from Ireland to Beijing and Hong Kong commenced which includes eight direct flights, representing around 1,700 airline seats each week.

Niall Gibbons, CEO of Tourism Ireland, said “China is the largest outbound travel market in the world and one that Tourism Ireland is committed to growing over the coming years”

In 2017, a record year for Irish tourism, 70,000 Chinese visitors arrived to Ireland. Around 10.6 million visitors were in the country that year in the island contributing some €5.78 billion to the coffers in the process.

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