Iceland welcomes the good tourists


The residents of heavy tourist areas in Iceland have long reached their limit of tolerance not only about the excessive increase in visitors but also because the bad behavior of some of them who look for “crazy parties” as soon as they arrive.

In an official report on the tolerance limit of tourists, the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Innovation considered that some of the most popular tourist destinations of Iceland have long reached the tolerance limit.

About 40% of the inhabitants believe Iceland cannot take in more tourists and 40% believe that there are too many t specially over the summer months”, the Ministry report added.

The report added that even though the government has taken a few measures to help, it is clear that more needs to be done in controlling the flow and spread of people in certain areas.

About this situation the Icelandic press has joined a campaign of advice to tourists about tourists good and bad behavior.

According to Iceland’s IceNews digital publication there has been a massive tourism boom in Iceland. “With the Icelandic currency plummeting after the bank crash in 2008 it suddenly became much cheaper for foreigners to visit our beautiful country”, the publication estimates.

“The tourism sector has for example grown a lot and many jobs have been created, helping the country get out of the recession. There are also a lot more people in town, making Reykjavík and other towns feel really lively and fun”.

But for some reason, people always like to focus on what’s going wrong instead of what’s going well so the local newspapers are filled with what’s going wrong these days” IceNews explained.
In Reykjavík in particular, “the combination of pretty women and hardcore nightlife” seems to be incomprehensible for some tourists who come to Iceland in search of a crazy party place where there is loud music 24 hours a day and party people in the streets”.

The magazine emphasized another misbehavior by a minority of visitors who have camped in car parks and residential areas.

“It is illegal to camp on someone’s private property, or to do it within the borders of the city outside of the designated camping areas,” the digital magazine warned. “Those people who have been camping illegally in public places (such as on the grounds of the children’s school) have left the area much worse, full of garbage and even human waste”, added.

The number of tourists to Iceland in 2017 was more than six times greater than the total national population. The Iceland Tourism Board reported that a total of 2,195,271 tourists visited the country last year. This meant an increase of 1,767,726 over the previous year. The total population of Iceland is 334,252.

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