Iceland tourism thanks Thor and Soccer


The main official counting of tourists in Iceland is conducted at the airport. All departing passengers present their passports just before entering the security control and their nationality is registered.

This gives the authorities the total number of foreigners flying from the country plus to breakdown by country of origin.

It is very likely that the popular participation of Iceland in the 2018 World Cup will make this simple procedure much more complex.All the experts expect an increase of tourists to the cold country attracted by the descendants of Vikings who tied with Argentina.

The small nation of 340 thousand people played three good matches in its first time in the world Cup. Not only was the tie with the Argentines but also how they did it against Nigeria and Croatia. The God Thore representatives played all the way with dignity and high status.

The performance of the Iceland team in Russia serves as a glove to improve its tourism industry and also its economy in general.

Some 173,000 foreign nationals flew from Keflavík airport in March, an increase of 5,000 compared to 2017. This figure includes foreign nationals who live in Iceland as well as foreign travelers who stop at Keflavík to change airlines and do not leave the terminal.

Despite the March technical conclusion football could have been influencing over the official number of tourists who were visiting the country.

Before the Cup organized by FIFA the smallest national team ever to qualify for world sport’s largest and most prestigious competition already attracted the attention of fans from around the world.

With United States marginalized from the summer World Cup in Russia, football fans had been struggling to find a team to support. And Iceland soccer appeared.

Since the beginning of the year the country’s tourism launched a digital campaign to rustle up support. At the center of the campaign was a Facebook page, “Inspired by Iceland,” that opens with a video of the country’s president and first lady playing soccer in the presidential residence.

“Join Team Iceland this World Cup and cheer for Iceland with us,” asks First Lady Eliza Reid. “There’s a place for you on our team.” “Win or lose, there’s always the excitement of being a part of something big Even when you’re small,” adds President Gudni Thorlacius Johannesson.

Iceland already has plenty of fans based on its surprise performance in the 2016 European championships, where it is possible to draw against eventual champion Portugal.

After the World Cup, football was strengthened to continue opening the way to the local tourism industry and the tense national economy.

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