Greenland risks a tourist boom


The growing enthusiasm of the international tourist industry for the coldest regions of the planet has an economic impact on places previously considered remote and even uninhabitable in many of its areas.

For example Greenland.

Most of the year frozen the island waits for a tourist boom that is already an economic promise that can come to compete with other pillars of its economy.

According to the Arctic Institute, an interdisciplinary, independent think tank focused on Arctic policy issues in the coming years, large tourism infrastructure projects— the process is partially triggered. Three more international airports are currently being planned in Greenland, partially to accommodate more tourists.

The institute experts claim that Arctic are still relatively low in tourism terms in comparison to other parts of the world, but is currently experiencing an unprecedented attention. Greenland is no exception to this trend. Successful marketing combined with a growing global interest in the Arctic has led to an increasing amount of tourists and; unsurprisingly, to a coinciding rise in political and societal interest in tourism in the region, they said.

In spite of the economic benefits that the tourist future can bring, the ecologists warn that there are well-founded dangers.

For a community with less than 60.000 inhabitants living conditions Greenland are due to become affected as tourism numbers swell, Scientists warn. They also criticize that tourism research and policy making are today overwhelmingly dedicated to the business side of tourism, viewing tourism as a strictly economic endeavor.

However Greenland still remains a rare but very interesting place to do a limited tourism.

Today the globetrotter is one of Greenland’s most common market segments. These general adventurers want to try a little bit of everything Greenland has to offer. They want a holistic sense of lifestyle, the people, and the natural environment, and they aim to be quite active while doing it, the official Greenland statistics reveal.

Tourism in Greenland now is a relatively young business area of the country. 32.767 tourists visited Greenland in 2016 from Denmark (19.275), United States (2.767) Germany (2440), Sweden (2.352), United Kingdom (1.595)Iceland (1.166) Norway (1.125), France (748), Canada (716) and Japan (583).

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