Greece Tourism crucial for national economy


Greece is a country that millions of people around the world would like to visit at least once in their lives.

The Greek history and its ancient culture, Western cradle, can be considered responsible for that desire. But today this European country also offers very attractive places that help the national economy.

According to Greek Tourism Federation (SETE) President Yannis Retsos tourism is “the strong pillar of the national economy, proving that it constitutes a unique value for the society”. Retsos said that for yet another year tourism is playing the leading role in efforts aiming at the recovery of the economy.

The SETE chief outlined priorities that the Federation has set. The first is drawing a connection and promoting tourism and culture, two sectors that he described as interconnected and interdependent.

The second is improving and extending education and training in the tourism sector. SETE training has set up educational activities, seminars, and job training throughout the country. Development of tourist consciousness is the third priority, opening channels of communication with local societies to exploit opportunities.

SETE hopes to develop the connections between tourism and agri-foods, and more broadly with the primary sector.

Over 27 million tourists visited Greece in 2017, according to Bank of Greece (BoG) figures. Tourist traffic increased by 9.7 percent, reaching 27,194 million visitors against 24,799 million visitors in 2016.

In 2017, travel receipts rose by 10.5%, compared with the previous year, to 14,596 million euros. This development is attributed to increases in receipts from within the EU28 by 13.8% to 9,843 million euros and in receipts from outside the EU28 by 5.6% to 4,327 million euros.

Specifically, receipts from France rose by 17.3% to 992 million euros, as did receipts from Germany, by 31.5% to 2,553 million euros. Receipts from the United Kingdom also increased, by 11.6% to 2,061 million euros. Turning to non-EU28 countries, receipts from Russia decreased by 3.6% to 418 million euros, whereas receipts from the United States rose by 4.4% to 803 million euros.

In Greece, a tourist see landscapes that have given thousands of postcard images but remain incredibly vivid and of unrivalled beauty. Including golden beaches. Is a great experience to walk through the olive groves, through archaeological sites; move to clusters of islands, go through beaches and mountains and explore the breathtaking landscape.

Ancient ruins, whitewashed villages, sunny beaches, tasty cuisine and friendly atmosphere are attractions that tourists will find in Greece.

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