Foreign tourists love Rome


Tourists from all over the planet visit Italy in a massive way, a country of dreamy landscapes and extraordinary and very own gastronomy that floods the whole world, and with an unparalleled history that can be “read” in the local architecture and especially in the Rome corners.

And those visitors do not exactly look for savings

According to a report of the International Centre for Studies on Tourism Economics CISET, foreign visitors spent 39.1 billion euros in Italy in 2017, almost three billion more than the 36.4 billion forked out the previous year.

The institution disclosed in an international conference in Venice that The 7.7-percent growth in foreign tourism spending to Italy exceeded the average 3.2 percent expenditure increase registered in the previous three-year period.

The CISET analysis showed positive trends in tourist revenues in all of Italy’s macro-areas of destination — north, center and south. The province with the highest inflow of foreign tourist currency was Rome with some 6.74 billion euros in 2017, representing a 20.3 percent annual increase.

Rome today is one of the most important tourist destinations of the world, according to studies made by the global tourism industry.

Among the most visited Roman sites are its archaeological and art treasures as the Colosseum, museums, specially Capitoline and the Vatican Museums and the Galleria Borghese, aqueducts, fountains, churches, palaces, historical buildings, the monuments and ruins of the Roman Forum, and the Catacombs.

The Colosseum receives about four million tourists each year and is one of the most visited places in the world. The city as a whole has also been nominated 2007’s fourth most desirable city to visit in the world, according to lifestyle magazine Travel.

On the other hand, the Venice report added that Italian tourists spent 24.5 billion euros abroad last year, up from 22.5 billion in 2016, for a net surplus of 14.6 billion. That is a rise of 5.7% on the surplus of 13.8 billion euros for 2016, according to the figures presented at the Italy and International Tourism conference.

So the net balance of payment in the tourism sector remained positive, rising by 5.7 percent to 14.6 billion euros in 2017 from 13.8 billion in 2016.

Although the most frequent tourists in Italy are Americans, Japanese and Europeans, the Chinese are increasing their presence throughout that country. The agency Xinhua affirmed that Chinese tourists to Italy were among those increasing their spending more last year, surpassed only by those from Japan and the United States.

Last year, the average individual spending of Chinese travelers was 167 euros per day, which marks a 12 percent increase compared to their 2016 spending, added Xinhua. “It is a relevant sum, largely surpassing the average national spending of tourists, estimate in 113 euros per day,” an Italian official source said to the Chinese agency.

The highest daily spending last year was made to Japanese (254 euros).

Five regions — Lombardy (around Milan), Lazio (Rome’s region), northeast Veneto (with Venice), Tuscany (with Florence), and Campania (around Naples) — received some 67 percent of all international tourist spending last year.

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