Fertility tourism expands in Latin America


One of the newest modalities of medical tourism are the fertility treatments, technically complex, prolonged and very expensive in the richest countries.

According to specialized studies that can be consulted on the Internet some countries in Latin America have made a tremendous progress in fertility tourism in the last few years.

Experts mention as advantages in that region in those types of treatments JCI accredited fertility clinics, English-speaking physicians trained abroad, affordable prices and modern methods and equipment.

Recent studies available ensure that patients from all over the world are choosing Latin America. There, most of the clinics will offer a 50% refund in case the treatment is not successful.

The general opinion of the experts in this matter is that Mexico is preferred for fertility treatments and procedures due to its liberal vision regarding the Assisted Reproductive Technology.

That kind of technology involves fertility treatments that handle both a woman’s eggs and a man’s sperm. The eggs are removed from a woman’s body and mixed with sperm to produce embryos. Then the embryos are placed in the woman’s body. In vitro fertilization is the most common and effective type of that technology.

The advantages mentioned in this case are that most fertility experts in Mexico have been trained in the US, so having access to the latest technologies and the language barrier will not be a problem. This destination is chosen mostly by Canadians and Americans.

Cancun, in Mexico, with paradisiacal beaches and millions of tourist visits annually has become hotspot of couples looking for high quality fertility treatment. Fertility treatments there are considered of the highest quality .

In other southern countries of the American continent as Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Panama can be found institutions of high prestige and experience in creating the conditions to bring babies to the world.


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