Egypt to open private beaches for foreigners


The Egypt authorities has great tourist plans for its second city, Alexandria and to make them successful, they has decided that the beaches of that region will only be open for tourists.

The program is based on an agreement made with Greece, Cyprus, and Italy, to seduce their citizens to visit Alexandria.

According to the chairman of Alexandria Chamber of Travel Agencies, Ali Al-Manesterly, the beaches are to be tailored to suit the needs of foreign nationalities.

Manesterly assured in a press release that the launch of these private beaches promise an encouraging future for the tourism in Alexandria. For example the Borg al-Arab Airport in Alexandria is set to double its capacity of hosting passengers and it is forecasted to host 4 million passengers by 2022 whereas it can currently serve 1.2 million.

The idea of allocating beaches to foreign tourism will create an opportunity to promote beach tourism alongside the classical, cultural and conference tourism enjoyed by Alexandria, added the Manesterly statement.

The Egyptian plan includes the start of regular direct flights between the three countries and Alexandria city so as to further increase the tourist flow to the city.

The government also plans to double the hotel room in the city, as to allocate for the increase in visitors and tourists. The current occupancy rate in Alexandrian Hotels, despite the end of the holiday of Eid el Fitr, still exceeds 90 percent.

“Foreign tourists prefer privacy in spending his vacation, and the idea of allocating beaches to foreign tourism in return for fees is not strange to tourist cities in general”, he said.

The coasts of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic are fringed with an overwhelming array of beaches, especially in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Greece and Turkey.

Some offer splendid isolation, others provide an encounter with a sleepy village that hasn’t changed in decades.

The beautiful Alexandria known as the ‘Pearl of the Mediterranean’ or ‘the mermaid of the Mediterranean, is also rich in history, and is a great place to enjoy its famous great weather and the Mediterranean Sea at its shores.

The city was found by Alexander the third of Macedon. Alexandria was one of the greatest cities of the ancient world and home to one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Lighthouse of Alexandria.

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