Bermuda’s tourist success in 2017


Bermuda began 2018 with the support of its successes in 2017 when broke all previous records when it recorded the highest number of visitors topping the previous record set in 2007.

According to The Bermuda Tourism Authority the islands ended last year with 692,947 total arrivals.

it’s the highest number of visiting travelers since the tourism bureau started keeping track in 1965. Overall, tourists injected $431 million into the island’s economy, a 20 percent increase over the previous year.

Bermuda Tourism Authority CEO Kevin Dallas said in a statement that “Bermuda’s tourism industry achieved its most impressive performance in a decade last year with the number of leisure air visitors and the money they spend on-island surging to double-digit percentage growth”.

The official statistics of Bermuda indicate that key tourism performance indicators of the island all rose in 2017 as compared to the previous year, including a 22.5 percent increase in air leisure spending, a 7.6 percent jump in cruise spending, an 11 percent climb in leisure air arrivals and a 9.2 percent rise in hotel occupancy. The year-end hotel occupancy in Bermuda eclipsed 60 percent for the first time since 2007, with a nine-percent overall increase to 63 percent for the year.

In early 2017, the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) revealed Bermuda hosted 231,127 land-based, overnight visitor arrivals between January and November 2016, a 10.7 percent increase over 2015.

Bermuda boasts a much milder climate than the Caribbean islands. Colorful colonial houses line the streets of Bermuda’s tidy capital, Hamilton, as well as the many quaint island villages with British-inspired names.

Over the centuries, many ships met their fate along the archipelago’s treacherous reefs. England claimed possession of the islands in 1609 after the English ship, Sea Venture, wrecked off the shores of historic St. George’s Island, now a UNESCO World Heritage site. Today, you can explore Bermuda’s maritime history at the many forts and excellent museums around the islands.

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