Bahamas against “bad” publicity


The Bahamas is leading a $20-$30 million fund-raising drive to counter negative hurricane publicity.

“The Bahamas had called for a collective initiative to finance a promotional effort for the Caribbean”, Dionisio D’Aguila the Bahamian Minister of Tourism told to local Bahamas Tribune.

As the lead country on tourism in the region Bahamas made the proposal at the CARICOM Heads of Government conference last week. The Caribbean islands with great dependence on tourism fears that the region faces a gradual loss of market share.

The Minister said urgent intervention was required. The Caribbean’s global market share was projected to slip from 2.4 per cent now to 1.7 per cent by 2030. D’Aguila considered a succes a recent similar campaign of Bahamas in the US, Canada and Australia,

The collective fund raising-drive would also be employed to counter the “negative publicity” from hurricanes striking the Caribbean.

“Many watching the Weather Channel’s coverage of Irma and Maria thought that the entire region had been impacted, which deterred travellers from visiting the Bahamas and other countries which were unscathed by the mega storms” he explained to Bahamas Tribune.

Bahamas and other CARICOM members had yet to determine how the funds will be raised, Mr D’Aguilar told Tribune Business: “We made a presentation to try and put forth the idea of raising funds to promote the brand ‘Caribbean”.

Mr D’Aguilar said two previous regional marketing efforts promoting the Caribbean as ‘a whole’ had “significantly increased the number of visitors to the Bahamas” and wider region in 1992, following Hurricane Andrew, and again in the early 2000s.

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