Worldwide adventures with calculated risks


Do you want a real dangerous adventure but with all the guarantees that a tourist destination can offer?

Then you should not be convinced only by the high risks offered by a place but by the levels it have in medical services, security and judicial system.

It is what recommends Rubens Kress & Mulholland. According to the law firm from Chicago around 15 adventure travel destinations in the world are ranked as tops locations based on several risk factors including court systems, safety standards and medical services.

Rubens and Kress, dedicated to helping to protect the rights of those who have been seriously injured in accidents and losses, said Thailand is in the first place of the adventures tourism destination but only in the danger that the risks imply.

“With wild jungles, open sea, and densely populated urban areas, there is no shortage of activities to get the adrenaline pumping” the London Daily travel & tourism news portal for the international travel trade market wrote. But in medical services and safety standards, Thailand scores the lowest (2.3 overall).

The Chicago firm said that in 2015, a zip line company was sued because a woman collided with another while careening through the jungle zip line course. The family of the hurt woman had to pay for a Flight for Life helicopter to transport the hurt woman to a hospital that could hand the trauma.

Without proper safety protocol and being miles from modern medical facilities means that if you’re looking to engage in death-defying activities, best to do so somewhere other than Thailand.

Mexico is buoyed by a “not terrible” medical services score; Brazil is 2.6 because of mid-level safety standards and medical services; and Belize is a 2.8, thanks to good medical, so-so safety, and poor court processes Rubens Kress & Mulholland estimates.

Other top destinations for addicts to adventure include Iceland (4.9 score), the United States (4.6 score) and Canada (4.6 score), thanks to easily available medical care, high safety standards, and fair (if lengthy) court processes.

A Global Report on Adventure Tourism from UNWTO is an inside analysis of the current and future adventure travel sector. Experts said that It providing global trends, the current sector structure on a significant growing market, potential benefits, risks and sector challenges.

Additionally, it provides a closer look at the links between the proper management of adventure travel for a sustainable, ethical tourism which contributes effectively to local communities and the environment.


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